Thursday, October 23, 2008


With thoughts of potty training not far away, we invested in some training pants. One night we put them on her for a little bit...I am not sure what she thought of them...

Hey...why you takin' pictures of me in my underwear?

Mom, are these supposed to feel like this?

Is this the way I do it?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Animal Sounds

For the untrained ear, the questions are...

What does a sheep say?

What does a kitty say?

What does NORA's kitties say?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Really Big BooBoo

We also had our first really big boo-boo while Mommom and Papa were visiting. Daddy and I were putting the munchkin to bed...nothing to write home about right. Well, we have a really low ceiling fan in the baby's room. We are well aware of that...or so we thought. Little Bit was a little bit squirmy so Daddy lifted her over his shoulder to hand her off to Mommy when oh crap...BAM...WHACK. There was a small scream from N and a big pause (usually indicating breathe holding followed by uncontrollable crying/sobbing/screaming) and all HELL broke loose. I thought for sure we lost an eye. Frankly, as bad as N felt, I thought for sure I would vomit to boot. We threw her down on the changing table...realized there was no gushing blood so rushed her back out to the living room to apply Mr. Austin (the refrigerated elephant gel pack for boo boos). Stayed up an extra hour and a half to make sure there was no "weird" actions (and Mommy was watching the growing black eye potential) which N thought was a superb playtime and why not as it is an hour past bedtime. When we were sure there was no concussion, we put her in bed with Mommy and Daddy (because by this time, Mommy wasn't letting her out of her site) until the 24th time she kicked the living daylights out of me which is when she was sent back to her room for business as usual!

And believe it or not...there was no black eye. Kids...absolutely amazing!!!

Texas State Fair

We took Nora to her first TX State Fair outing with none other than her mommom and papa who were visiting from NY. We didn't get too many pictures and got NONE of her with mommom and papa, but we had a great time needless to say. We had corny dogs, caught the car show and rode our first ride with Daddy.

Do you think we get to go home soon? I think I see the car....