Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moving on Up

We haven't had any problems with Nora trying to get out of her crib so we've been prolonging the inevitable as long as week could. However, this weekend we got a wild hair and transitioned her crib to a daybed. Nora was in love...she kept hugging and kissing her daddy while he was adjusting the rails. And after just kept saying "thank you Daddy, thank you Daddy." It was too precious. She just lit up!!! One night down and she did great! Let's hope it continues...and better yet...

Daddy thought this transition was the prefect time to kick the paci habit also. I told him that was up to him...I thought it was too much change for Nora in one day and should we let her get used to the bed first. He insisted, so I let him take the lead on this one (I think secretly I was having an issue letting the paci go as it was now the LAST item that was from her baby days). Well...first attempt was nap time. She asked for it of course, but daddy reminded her that she was a big girl. She didn't fight it too it is she doesn't use one at daycare. Okay...mission one...check. Then bedtime. She was a little more insistent. Daddy simply said paci's were for little girls and if she wanted it back we could change the bed back to a crib. At first she asked to change her bed back, but in the same breathe she told Daddy she wanted to keep her big girl bed. Off to night tears, no fighting. Mission two...check. Finally, today at nap time, she crawled into bed. She didn't even ASK for it. Mission three...done. Let's hope it stays this way!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Literally Speaking

Who knew that a 2.5 year old takes things so literally???

Nora has extremely bad reactions to bug bites. Our doc said to give her a dose of benedryl when we think she's been bitten to minimize this reaction.

Today was our yard care day.

Mommy was mowing, daddy doing the trim and Nora playing with her tricycle and sidewalk chalk. We finish and head in for lunch. I decided we should do the "preventative" dose of benedryl before nap so I gave Nora the medicine "spoon" (Nora likes to play that she doesn't know how to take the meds and puts it up to her mouth as asks if this is right...after a bunch of no's and yes's she gives in and takes the medicine.) All of a sudden, Nora is asking me to clean up the mess the medicine had made. I was a little confused. I had just handed the medicine to her and told it is was for her bug bites...why was it all over the floor??? It's not like she hasn't taking medicine before.

I refilled the part of the dosage I thought was lying on the floor and handed it back to her telling her not to play around and take the medicine. She takes it and starts to pour it (once again) over her bug bites. Then it dawned on me...I had told Nora the medicine was for her bug bites. She was simply trying to give it to her bug bites. An ahh-hah moment for need to drink the medicine to help your bug bites.

And once again all is right in the world!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Finger Painting

We decided to try something new tonight. Unfortunately, the paint didn't stay on the paper (that might have been Mommy's fault...but she's not talking). I loved being the big green monster...ARRRRRRGH!!!!

Now I must clean up "y'all!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When did your kid...

find there "privates?" Nora has always had a knack to find her vagina...but last night took the cake for sure. She has always found it a place to fondle every now and again...however, before bathtime yesterday, she came running out of her room naked yelling, "MommyMommyMommy!" When I looked over from the dishes, I see her grabbing her vagina. George turned white as a ghost not knowing how to respond. I just said, "HI baby" in hopes to distract from the obvious. And how exactly is a Mommy supposed to respond to such a situation...I'm torn...any advice would be appreciated!!!