Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welcome Nora Elizabeth

And finally, after getting to the hospital at 8:30pm March 28 and after many hours of pushing, Nora finally decided to make her big arrival at 1:55pm March 29. The moment cannot even be put into words. George forgot I even existed after his first sight of her headful of dark hair! For the first couple of seconds she didn't cry...I guess she was trying to figure out what just happened to her...once she started no one questioned that her lungs weren't in tip top shape! Our little girl was 8lbs 1oz and 20 inches long. She is a perfect mix of her mom and dad...neither one really jumps out when you look at her. She has 10 fingers, 10 toes and is absolutely perfect!!!

The Day We've Been Waiting For

So just a few short hours after the doctor didn't think Nora would be here anytime soon we were on the way to the hospital. I guess Nora wasn't in favor of April 3 and decided she was going to be a March baby after all. At 8:30pm (ish), the hospital verified my water did break, however my contractions weren't progressing as they should. So I received my first labor inducing cocktail via IV. I was lucky enough to get this cocktail my entire labor. Around 2am, I was not liking life at all and decided it was time to pull out the big drugs and get the epidural. I figured for sure I had to be about half way through this labor process, but much to my dismay I was still only at a "2". I guess I am not all that tough after all, but I sure did feel better. I was able to rest a bit and dad to be George was able to snore on the chair next to me. I wasn't sure if I totally liked the drugs...I really didn't like not being in control of my legs and the way they made me feel drunk times 100, but I did like that I didn't hurt for a few hours! We had to slow things down a bit for Nora during the middle of the night...I think it was all just happening a bit to quick for her. But all was pretty regulated by the morning and we started moving forward once again. About 11:30am we started pushing...and pushing...and pushing...noon came and went as did 1pm. Nora was being stubborn again...they think she was turned "sunny side up" which was giving me terrible back pain and they had turned off the epidural so I could feel what I was trying to do while pushing. I was exhausted and the contractions were kicking my butt! We took a short break while I decided if I wanted more pain drugs or not. I was given an ultimatum...if I keep pushing I won't be able to have the drugs, if I wanted the drugs I would have to wait 30 minutes before I could continue pushing. After the next contraction and only wanting to push I decided to screw the drugs and just concentrate on getting Nora out!

Catching Up

I guess I owe everyone a little bit of a catch up entry. Well, aside from having computer issues, the Lehman-Marquez family has had a couple busy weeks! Let's start at our last uneventful doctors appointment. It was decided that we would schedule Nora's eviction date since nothing was progressing. I think she had decided against waiting too long since she was thinking Nora was on the large side. In her own words..."she is a big baby...not the biggest, but definitely not the smallest either!" So on Wednesday, the doctor's office called to let me know when Nora's eviction would be scheduled. Tuesday, April 3. What a relief knowing there was an end in sight...a date Nora would be here...something to look forward to. I was still not sure I was digging on the induction option, but something was better than just waiting. So on Wednesday night I get home from work to a notice from the city that we needed to cut our lawn or receive a citation. We had some time but decided to head out and start since it was such a nice evening. With a pizza on the way, me, Mom and George started picking up sticks. That didn't work out so well for me...bending not being the easiest of exercises. So me and mom decided to go on a short walk...short being all of 8 houses. Ha. Anyway...after a not so brisk walk the pizza got here and it was my favorite time of day...eating time! While eating Nora was going crazy. I commented on how much she was moving around but didn't think much. George jumped in the shower to clean off the grass and I walked down to the bedroom. Hmm...that wasn't right I thought...I didn't have to pee that bad. Whatever...got to the bathroom and something still wasn't quite right. I told George to hurry up that I had to tell him something. Once he got to the bedroom, I told him that something wasn't right...I think my water broke. The doctor kept saying I would know and boy did I know. I was REALLY glad I wasn't at work for this...I may have had to quit! We put the phone call in to our doctor and off to the hospital we went. Only one day after the doctor told us nothing had changed since our last appointment! How quickly things change...