Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome Nicholas George (Bird Queen)

Yes, welcome indeed little-big man. Looking at you for the first time was like looking at your sister when she was born. You have many similarities. Those lips are the first thing I noticed. Same pucker and pout as big sis and every bit as kissable!

Of course you do have some very distinguishing features. Especially the large heart shaped birthmark on your forehead. You also have some on your eyes, back and stomach. Don't worry, the doctor said they will all fade in a couple months and not be at all visible in a year. So expect we will be taking some pictures of those while you have them because, let's face it, how many little boys have a big ole heart on the middle of their head??!!

Nicholas George Marquez
May 25, 2011
9 pounds, 7 ounces
20 7/8 inches
Cute as hell!

PS - We are not completely sure of the deep hidden meaning of Bird Queen. The only thing we do know is this is what your sister has called you. One day you'll have to ask her.

New Arrivals & Bigger Families

On Wednesday, May 25 we welcomed the newest member of our Nicholas. It was quite the day. I cannot really say eventful since most of it was just sitting around waiting for his arrival...but interesting it least for me.

I was huge. For months I was asked if I was having multiples or if the doctor thought we were really having such a big baby. I was so frustrated. When the doctor mentioned induction, I jumped at the chance to have this boy a week or even a day early. A day it ended up being. Finally, I was going to evict Nicholas on May 25, exactly one day prior to his long awaited due date. Ironically, Nora was also born one day before her due date...I must have a thing for that.

May 25th arrived and we headed off to the hospital early in the morning. I was quickly having contractions thanks to the pitocin cocktail they gave me. Well, the adventure starts. This kid was not liking the idea of being forced to come out. During each contraction his heart rate would drop significantly. The concern was that he was laying on his umbilical cord and breaking his bag of water was putting too much pressure on him. So we slow things down and re-pumped my body full of saline. This worked. He started tolerating the contractions much better, although still not perfectly. We moved forward. I quickly responded to the medicine at this point and dilated to a 9 somewhere around 1pm. Here we go, not too bad of a day, I can do this.

What I did not know is that he refused to drop. So my body was ready but Nicholas was playing by his rules. So once again, they slowed my labor with the hopes the contractions I was having would naturally push him down. So there I sat...again...for hours.

Somewhere in between the "9" and starting to push, his heart rate continued to drop here and there. Although they tried to hide it, there were a couple times the nurses and residents would rush into the room only to play the old "something must have been up with the computer" trick.

Still I wanted to try this the "old fashion way" and push this kid through my vagina. The doctor showed up and agreed to let me push. This was about 6pm. I was already exhausted from laying in bed since the wee early hours of the morning and Nicholas had refused to do any of this on his own (is this foreshadowing anything).

30-45 minutes of Baby turned from "sunny side up" position 3 Baby predicted to be the size of a small whale (this is true, my last sonogram averaged him at 9lbs, 12oz) Doc said it was time to consider a

Honestly, I was all that upset about the c-section...I was tired and ready for this production to be over. I was; however, completely freaking out about the thought of surgery...this was a first for me. And of all the times to have a first, this would result in the work of taking care of a small person and being cut open. YIKES. first experience in the operating room was a trip. Did you know they actually do a "roll call"? I kind of felt like I was on candid camera. The room was bright and white and buzzing with people. With all the drugs it was a little like an out of body eyes were wide open but my mind and body were somewhere else completely. I tried my best to focus on why I was there (baby Nicholas) but sometimes all I could focus on was why I was there (cutting me from one side of my uterus to the next). After some tugging and pulling, Nicholas entered the world at 7:32pm...I know this only for the picture of the clock I forced George to take. I start hearing conversations about something like layers of stitches and staple guns. I was out...fade to black.

Next thing I remember is being asked if I wanted to feed my new baby while in the recovery room. Well, scared I would miss out on something I agreed to it. Needless to say I could not keep my eyes open and was not really sure I could even hold a feather in my hand much less a squirmy hungry baby, but I nursed that baby for the first time. Thank you God for not letting me drop my precious baby onto the floor within minutes of his birth.

The best part of the whole evening finally came at about 9:30pm. The first meeting of Nora and her little brother, Nicholas. Needless to say it was love at first sight!!!!

What a day. I am sure I am missing details but as they say...this is a long story short (well it is really a long story long...but I digress).

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nora Loves Her Mother and her Brother

Almost There

Only about 2 1/2 weeks before the new little man at least I hope it isn't any longer than that.

And before you ask...yes...there is ONLY one in there. No he hasn't dropped...he's rested comfortably this low the entire pregnancy. Don't you think I know I look ready (aka miserable) me when I say you don't have to remind me.

Those are just a few of the answers I want to start wearing on my belly. I really love people. Yes...there is just a hint of sarcasm there! Ha.