Monday, March 29, 2010

She's 3!!!

Today, my "baby" girl turns three! I love her more and more everyday. There is nothing more to say!

With BFF Ruby!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Butterfly Nora

We went to the zoo this weekend with the Gardner's. I had a ball, I hope the kids had as much fun.

I played a little with photo editing...

I love watching Nora and Ruby interact...they play off each other so much...I totally cracks me up. The entrance to the kid zoo had all these "critters" along the path. Eeek they would say at the snake and mice...the lizard they kind of picked at...Nora tried riding a duck...and they both love the Kangaroos (or are these Wallabies?).

Splashing in the wading "river" was the show stopper...or at least that is what we thought.

Until we went to leave the and merry-go-round was in full site...

I love this pic of Ruby...I wish I know what I did...the blurred background just makes her POP out of the picture!!! LOVE IT..

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nap/Bed Time Books

I like that Nora likes to read. So when she asks to read, after mom and dad read their books, and before nap or bedtime, we let her flip through a couple stories. What's the harm? I typically tell her when she is feeling tired to put her book up on the night stand. AND believe it or not, she typically puts it there. Here are two funny events from the weekend.

The first, Mommy and Daddy were raking and cleaning up the yard. This cleanup well extended until Nora's lunch and nap time. Well, after long nap delays, little miss thing thought she wasn't tired and wanted to read a book. The truth....

she was still on page 1!!! I think she was tired!!

Again...typically she is good about putting her book up before falling asleep. However, this time, she put up the book but decided to invite a few of her closest friends to bed.
Good thing she is cute or I think I'd be a little upset by now! Least she has them all tucked in nicely!!! Love you Pumpkin Pie!!!

Little Slugger