Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Next Big Step

Well as if having a child is not big enough. Now Kristi and I have decided to try and buy a house. We have only been looking for only about 3 weeks. But, the good thing is I believe that we have found the ONE. The house is in a good neighborhood and good school district. The house sits on about half an acre. Which you just don't see around here very often. The yard space alone is good, plenty of space for Nora to run around in. One thing that is worrying me is that here I'm getting excited. That the house has no other buyer looking at it. Well, I will do my best to try and keep everyone updated on what's going on.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just a Check-Up

We had another quick check-up this week. All is good. I am so excited that I can still eat cookies! Nora is growing right on track...a little big, but Doc thought maybe she just had a little growth spurt. Should I tell her I have a nephew that was almost 11lbs. and it is more than likely she is just going to be BIG! I guess you never really know. We made the rest of our two week appointments and George freaked when he realized that our last 2 week interval will put us into March and that is only 3 appointments away! And we all know once we hit March it can really be almost at any time...YIKES! Where did the time go?!?!?!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Step Closer

Well today we attended our "Prepared Birthing" Class...otherwise known as childbirth class. I guess it is just one more thing that makes me realize how close we are getting...that and my really large tummy!!! I think the goal of the class is to make childbirth less scary. It backfired! Now I am convinced Nora is going to somehow have to become some sort of master escape artist since I am not going to do it! I cannot say anyone looked remotely happy in the little videos we watch until after they were done. Hmm...let me sign right up for that! And then to find out not only to I have to give birth once...but low and behold even after Nora is here, my job is not done...I still have to push more stuff out. Good grief! George is really lucky I didn't know any of this 7 months ago. Can anyone remind me what the guy contributes to this whole process...seems a bit one sided if you ask me!!!!

I guess I will just have to keep clicking my little red shoes together saying "it is all going to be worth is all going to be worth it."

Saturday, January 06, 2007


We had another baby doc appointment. I was lucky enough to drink a very fabulous drink that tasted much like a flat orange crush in order to check my sugar levels. I haven't heard any results yet. They told me they would call by Monday if anything was abnormal. I keep my fingers crossed that all is okay, but with the amount of my Aunt Theresa's fudge I ate over the holidays I am not sure I am so confident! As for Nora, her heart rate is right were it is supposed to be; however the doctor did comment that she is measuring a little on the LARGE side. I am not too shocked...after all look at the babies my mom and sister had, but maybe a little bit worried that it may be the sugar stuff. I guess I will know more after the weekend if I am just going to have a big baby or if it is something else. I also had the rhogam shot which was pretty uneventful except for not warning me it was a shot in the behind! They do tell me not to worry...I will be a LOT less modest after the birth. Ha!! Lastly, our latest assignment is to monitor the baby's kicks and movements. Ten movements in two hours is the goal. So far she has been plenty active for me and we more than reach that goal in 30 minutes or less! And George and I are really enjoying taking that time to pay her a little one-on-one attention.

Well, we are on our final trimester...and I think it is going to fly by! With house hunting, childbirth classes, more baby doc appointments...Nora is going to be here before we know it! Yes, we are very excited for her arrival, but right now I really like where she is and she is more than welcome to stay put for 3 more months!!!! Of course the new bet among our workout buddies is when she will make her big appearance and one of them said she is going to be a St. Patty's day baby...I hope he is WRONG! :-)