Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And Still Nothing

New to report. Same as the last couple doctor appointments. A little more "thinned out" but still at only a "1". I have one more visit scheduled for next Monday, but I think she is going to go ahead and schedule an eviction date for sometime next week regardless. This is bittersweet news for me...I always said I wanted her to be able to come on her own...when she was ready...but now...I am a lot more open to the idea. I guess lugging her around for 40 weeks makes you change your opinions a bit! Maybe I am now ready to share her a little bit more than I was a couple weeks ago. Either way, I am definitely ready to have her out and enjoy the next phase of mommyhood!

And who knows...maybe she is just waiting to be able to celebrate her birthday with her Mommom Lehman on the 31st...after all my doctor is going to be out of town on vacation this weekend so what better time for her to come right?!?!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Room

WOW. Words cannot even describe how amazing Nora's room turned out. My friends John and Cindi thought of, created and brought to life Nora's room! They nailed it...just what George and I were hoping for. It is so much fun!!! I could just sit in there all day is such a happy place to be. Nora is going to love waking up everyday among the animals...what a great first room for her to have. All of our friends have been so terrific...we are so lucky and blessed to have them in our lives! Nora is going to be one lucky little girl if she ever decides to come out!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Belly Comparison - Final

Believe it or not...Nora cooperated in letting us get one "final" belly comparison before she decided to make her big arrival. Of course it looks as if she is just going to fall out any minute but she is hanging in there. We are hoping for sometime this week so Mom and Dad can enjoy her a little before they have to head home!

Well, I'm not sure and really don't want to admit it, but I think I finally passed up Dad for the biggest belly award! Let's hope mine will go away a little after she is born!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nothing New...Sigh...

Status quo...that is all the doctor could tell us today. Evidently Nora is not ready. What scares me is does this mean she is like her mother? I begged her to stay put until after we were in the house and now is she going to show me who's boss and stay in there as long as she can?!?! Rotten children...

Well, the good news is that the doctor is already talking about setting an "eviction" date at our next appointment. "Eviction"...her term...not ours...but I am going to use it because we thought it was quite funny and possibly appropriate! I guess we will just have to wait and see...any day everything can change.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What the Heck is Happening???

Yes, I found out on my last doctors appointment that things were slowly starting to move forward, but after this weekend I would hope to find out at the next appointment that we have made some very large strides forward! Talk about an odd weekend.

First, I think she is going to just fall out at any minute...she is sitting so low right now it is hard to walk sometimes. A friend compared it to riding a horse around for an entire sore and achy you can feel. I would have to agree with her even though I haven't had much experience with horse riding. I am finally sure I have felt some contractions, although I think they are still the "fake" kind since they are totally random. I actually said out loud that I was ready for her to get here since I am tired of the back/hip aches and exploring every bathroom known to man.

BUT, the biggest reason I know we have to be near the end is that I am an emotional rollercoaster. Yes, I've had my moments in the past, but this topped the charts! Are you really...seriously...okay...I cried during an episode of Three's Company. I cannot believe I am sharing this, but it is too friggin hilarious not to let everyone in on it. Seriously...Three's Company. I could understand a Lifetime movie or something...but Three's Company...come on now. It was the episode Janet asked Terry to be a roommate and Jack didn't like her so he was doing what he could so she wouldn't move in...and what took the cake was when he squirted her with the camera (he thought it was water, but bad Larry put in ink instead). Then Jack felt really bad and gave her the puppy dog sorry look and all was well and right again in the world of Three's Company. Seriously...there were tears. So needless to say, Nora has got to arrive soon because I don't think I can keep this up very much longer!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Starting...

Nora's arrival that is. The doctor is pleased that things are beginning to progress on their own, but still feels she is on track to be here around her delivery date (March 30) regardless that everyone else says she is going to be here any day. She tells me I am 75% "thinned out" (effaced) and 1cm dilated. The date I have thrown out is March 26th...we'll see how well this whole mother's intuition thing works.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Speaking of Move Date

George was supposed to post this a week ago but one thing or the other kept getting in the way. Namely playing in OUR HOUSE!!! Yes, it is official as of a week ago today...George and Kristi are homeowners. Although it has been a crazy time for us, I am really glad we will be in our home (not necessarily settled) by the time Nora gets here. I am hoping once she gets here we will be able to control ourselves a bit better. There isn't really a ton that NEEDS to be done, but we keep finding things we would like to do...and how those little things add up! It is still hard for me to think I am leaving my neighborhood of 8 years, but I am pretty excited for all that is in store!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Almost Time

Isn't black supposed to be slimming. I want a refund on this shirt! Wow...what a difference a month makes. Here I am just shy of 37 weeks...only 3 week"ish" to go. Most people have said they doubt I will go to my due date. And of those people most have said up to 2 weeks early. Most of those folks aren't my friends anymore. Just kidding. As long as we make it past our move date this Saturday I will be happy.