Sunday, May 23, 2010

Giants of the Savanna

The Dallas Zoo opens a new exhibit next weekend. The Giants of the Savanna. Dallas Zoo members (i.e. The Marquez family) got to have a sneak peek this weekend. I cannot speak for everyone, but my review...holy shit...that was awesome!!! The exhibit was built on acres and eventually the elephants, giraffes, and gazelles will all be roaming together. The zoo finally has itself some lions...2 one year old males...adorable. For some reason I guess they won't be joining the gazelles...something about lunch. Ha. The other new exhibit was a great area for the cheetahs. They are so stoic and proud. Absolutely gorgeous cats!!!

Anyway, I am sure my love of the zoo has nothing to do with my rantings. Yes, I know they aren't "free" but they are taken care of and I would never get to experience these gentle giants or show them to my kiddo if it weren't for a zoo.

Look at how close these giraffes close people were feeding them AND Nora got to pet one. Completely bummed I didn't get a picture of that...maybe next trip!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Gym Parent's Night

Nora's Little Gym class put on a little performance to show us parents all they learned over the course of the class. It was the cutest thing ever!!! And I wish I could recall exactly what Mr. Armando said about Nora but to sum it up it was her perseverance. One time on the bars she let go mid-swing to "dismount" and landed flat on her face. She jumped right up, shook it off, and headed back to try again. That was a proud mama moment!!!

The gang with their Medals!!!

Nora and the Uneven Bars

The Balance Beam

The Teachers
Mr. Armando

Mr. Dillon