Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Good Check Up

We had our baby doc appointment last night. All seems good. Basically, it was just a heart beat check...still staying strong around 155. And Little Bit won the most coopertive award of the day and stayed in one spot long enough to get a good reading unlike the other babies yesterday. We're so proud.

Our next appointment we get to do another sonogram. I am very excited to see Little Bit again and how much he/she has changed from the first picture! We also might get to find out if it is a boy or girl. George is still sure he wants to find out and I think I am swaying that lack of patience is finally winning this battle...ha! It will also be fun since my parents will be in town and I will get to pick on my dad about knowing or not knowing since he doesn't want to find out!

And just a little story to let you know what a good fit our doctor is for us...well...those who know me well know my fetish for fun socks...I cannot stand those plain white things people put on their feet...we must have color, designs, FUN!!!! Well, in celebration for Halloween, George noticed our doctor has witches on her feet and she was very proud of her socks! I knew we picked good!!!! Little Bit is in good hands (or shall I say feet)!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Wow...who would have ever "thunk" this would be such a hard thing to do? When you are growing up you always think of a name you wish you had or one you always liked and swore you would name your kid if the opportunity arose...then why is it so hard to make a decision. I have it easier than most, George has already laid claim to the name if it is a boy so the girl name is all mine. Ya sure he has to like it some, but overall I get the girl! Sounds like fun, but geez, this is something the kid has to live with forever. What kind of nicknames can you make? What does the initials spell? Does it sound right when you put it all together? Does it rhyme with anything? Will it sound good to yell when you are cheering for them...or when they are in trouble? All the silly things you think of when trying to come up with the perfect name!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hello to everyone

Here is my first posting as the father to be. Glad to read everyones comments out there.It is kind of cool to read things from people who have been down this road. I hope that everyone is enjoying the ride. You know that there is no telling what will be next. Well everyone take care and till next time laters.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Little Bit's Brother and Sisters

Yes, Little Bit is going to be entering this world with 2 sisters and 1 brother. I can only imagine how they are going to welcome Little Bit. With open paws...I doubt it. Our oldest is Phoenix (the orange one)...most likely she will just hide from the new one. She can't be bothered with such things...if it can't pet her its not worth spending time with. Salem (our only boy) will hiss at our new addition like he is the big man on campus and then run like hell because overall he is the biggest scaredy cat! I can also see him being the most jealous since the baby will take away from our time together laying on the couch! And then there is Leia (brown striped) who will most likely check to see if we brought her any food, lick a couple of times, give a little love nibble and then just walk away. Overall, it will be a very interesting transition...and people wonder why we think we are going to need a bigger place!