Friday, April 10, 2009

And Then There Was One...Less

Tooth that is. Yes, we had quite a couple weeks. Again, the dentist thought all should be okay. Well, that was until a week later when Daddy and Nora where playing. Well, the better picture is that Daddy was playing "Whack-a-baby" with Nora (she was bouncing up and down on his leg) when BAM...Nora went flying face down onto the hardwood floor. Pop went the tooth and the story is done. I think she is still pretty cute...

Silver lining...mouth is no longer hurting, swelling is down, permanent tooth is fine, and Nora is happy again. Enough said.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Misc Birthday Pictures

Nora's cake was my attempt at being Martha...not too bad, but no Martha! Since Nora came home with a big lip, my sis thought it would be a good idea to share the frosting straight from the jar with her...I think she still has a sugar high from it...least she shared with my sis!!! Overall, I definitely think she dug this birthday more than her first...might have been the new tricycle!

Birthday Weekend Advertures

Overall the pumpkin did have a great birthday. Like I said her aunt and cousin were in town to help celebrate as well as all her grandparents and lots of friends! We visited the Dallas Children's Museum, the Fort Worth zoo, the Stockyards, the annual SWA Chili Cookoff, danced to Irish music...all this in 3 about a whirlwind visit.

And yes...the picture of the firetruck...that is the firetruck that started the demise of her first tooth! Bad firetruck!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Nora's "2"

I cannot believe we celebrated Nora's 2nd birthday over a week ago. And moreover, I cannot believe I didn't blog about it. That just goes to show what a couple weeks it has been. Talk about eventful...I hope this is as eventful a birthday gets!

Of course my parents drove into town a few days before the big day and shortly following their arrival, my sis and her youngest showed up! Evan is all boy and he's 6...enough said. He is the sweetest little man, but energy...holy-t-pot!!!! I love you so much Evan and I am so glad you got to spend some time with us, especially Nora!

Well...on to the story...Nora's bday "party" was Saturday night (the 28th). We decided to take the kids to the kids museum downtown. Great idea...they had a ball. George and I decided to take off a little early to pick up some last minute things and get the house in order. All was falling into place (now that is an ironic statement...wait for it) when my family got home. One look at Nora and we knew something wasn't right. Well, I guess Nora nose-dived (literally) off the firetruck (usless bit of info) and somehow jammed her front tooth up into her gun. Lovely! Her lip was huge and there was a constant trickle of blood down the side of her mouth. Happy Birthday baby!

On went the weekend...distorted face and all. We visited the about spring being in the air...we saw more than we ever needed to...National Geograpic kind of stuff. Spent some time at the stockyards to see the "big" cattle drive (no blinking allowed). And headed to the dentist on Monday.

Dentist said all okay...most likely scenario was the tooth would re-root (making up that work) and fall back into place over time. Worst case the tooth turns black and needs to be pulled. We're going with the first diagnosis since the doc seemed to think that was more the possibility.

Tuesday...took my sis and nephew to the airport. What a whirlwind weekend! Again, Happy 2nd Birthday big girl!

Bad Poster

Wow...cannot believe went the entire month of March without a post...I'll do some catching up now!