Sunday, January 02, 2011

What the Heck...

This kid in my belly is making me lose my mind. I've forgotten my purse at a couple places, I've tried to throw down with multiple people in cars that are idiots, I'm always hungry or peeing...if you need to find me look in the kitchen or bathroom...if you need to find my kid or husband I may not be able to help you as I might have forgotten them somewhere on my way to the bathroom or kitchen. pictures. Completely forgot to charge my quickly dying camera battery. That isn't supposed to happen...she's only 3...I cannot believe I missed it. Least I got that one measly cell phone picture and one flip video. Hopefully, my first born will forgive me one day!

First born...hmmm...leads me to second child. Boy or girl. To tell or not to tell...that is the question. For today's five year old moment mommy moment, I guess that is one question "for me to know and for you to find out". Hahaha. Maybe I'll play a little nicer when or if my daddy dearest finds us slipping or him just giving up the fight. Somehow I think it will be the former before the later!

The latest baby#2 photo...this is looking at the face...on the right of the picture you can see forehead, eye sockets and nose bones.